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Something We're Trying at SkeptiCamp: Poster Presentations!

The event is over for 2011. Please check the home page for information about our next event.

We would like to experiment with poster displays, at SkeptiCamp NYC this year. Something reminiscent of science fairs or professional research expos.

Perhaps you have either already constructed a poster, or would like to make one, about an interesting or important topic, related to science or skepticism? Or, maybe you're not such a great public speaker, but would still like to have "your say"? We can display it during the event!

You will have time to talk about your posters, with other attendees, during breaks. (We might also schedule a special time for poster socialization, but we are still working that out.)

If this experiment is well received, we hope to expand upon it, next year.

Unfortunately, we have not developed a plan to provide any prizes for "best poster" or anything like that, yet. But it is something we are looking into.

Session hosts can also submit a poster idea, either related to, or different from, your session topic.

A handy guide for creating posters can be found here: Science Poster Design (PDF file, on Cornell University's web site)

There are, of course, some rules:

  1. No plagiarism. If your poster contains media or content from sources not your own, please cite them.
  2. No advertisements, please.
  3. Posters must be of "reasonable size". We do not have any specific size requirements at this point in time. But, just don't make it too large or heavy.
  4. Of course, there should be no abusive or illegal content on the poster.
  5. Management has the right to refuse to display a poster, for any reason. And, our decision is final!

We recommend submitting your poster in advance, so there can be room for it.

If your poster idea is initially accepted, we would like to receive an electronic version of it prior to the event. PDF is most recommended. But, we can accept almost all other popular file formats: PowerPoint, Visio, CorelDraw, InDesign, OpenOffice, etc.

Contact us with questions or comments: