SkeptiCamp NYC 2011: Share the apple of knowledge

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Session Proposals Submitted, Thus Far

The event is over for 2011. Please check the home page for information about our next event.

The final schedule will be put together towards the end of November.

To submit your idea, see the Session Host's Guide.

[Session Table removed, for now.]

Some of session topics from previous years included:

  • "Promoting Skepticism via Wikipedia", by Tim Farley of
  • Comedy pieces by some comedian named Joshie
  • The Science and Nonsense in Martial Arts, with John Rennie, former editor of Scientific American Magazine
  • Stupid Bayesian Tricks
  • "Critical Thinking for Dummies"
  • How to Write an Essay
  • Anti-Vaccine Movement Fallacies and Tactics
  • How to Preserve a Skeptic Community
  • Discussions about Athiesm with Michael De Dora, executive director of CFI NYC
  • Mercury and Dental Fillings; Safer than You Think
  • Science-based opera compositions performed by Hai-Ting Chin
Some of these past topics could be resurrected this year, with updates and new twists.

Note that the opinions of SkeptiCamp presenters do not necessarily reflect those of its organizers.

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