SkeptiCamp NYC 2011: Share the apple of knowledge

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Session Template Suggestions

The event is over for 2011. Please check the home page for information about our next event.

As a session host, you get to decide how to use your time! The following templates offer some suggestions for how to do so. Though, of course, you will not be required to conform to any of them.

SkeptiCamp Template Suggestion Diagrams

A. The Standard Presentation: Kinda old fashioned, and generic, but still acceptable. You give a presentation, and then the audience gets to ask you questions. This can be done either with or without slides or other visual aids. At least it works well with just about any topic!

B. Group-Based Workshop: After receiving instructions, the audience breaks up into groups to carry out the activity. This could also, optionally, be turned into a competition. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for the cost of materials.

C. Individual Interactive Workshop: Each individual person in the audience gets to carry out all or some of the steps, in the process of an activity. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for the cost of materials.

D. Moderated Discussion: You act as the moderator for an open discussion about a particular topic. Essentially, the whole time slot could be like one, long Q&A; but with answers sometimes coming from other participants in the audience, besides just you. This is what SkeptiCamp is supposed to be all about! This might work best for highly controversial topics; or for folks who are not necessarily experts in something, but wish to gain a variety of opinions from others.

E. The Debate Format: While SkeptiCamp is not particularly conducive to debates, it could still work; especially if the opponents are both talented in keeping their arguments concise.

F. Performance Piece: Can you sing a skeptical song, know a good science story, or wish to educate your fellow man through comedy? You could fill a block doing just that! Optionally, you can open up to Q&A at the end, if you wish. If we get a lot of these, though, we might have to limit them, since we would rather focus on discussion and interaction and such.

G. Other: If you can think of another great, creative way to fill the time, go ahead and do so! We are open to ideas we might have missed!

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