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SkeptiCamp NYC 2020 Virtual Edition is to take place December 5th, 2020! Registration Opening Soon!

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Olga Ast

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Biography: I’m an interdisciplinary artist, curator and independent scholar. One of my main goals is to investigate connections between time, space and information. I have exhibited and lectured in the U.S. and abroad, presenting my work at art-science projects, including art shows and multidisciplinary conferences at Rutgers, New York, Gottingen, Moscow, Toronto and other universities; the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; the National Academy of Sciences; the Museum of Natural Sciences of Turin; the Bridges Math Art exhibit and the International Conferences on Time Perspectives.

My books include Fleeing from Absence: four cross-disciplinary essays on time, its nature and its interpretations; and Infinite Instances: Studies & Images of Time, a collection of papers and artworks by contributors to the ArcheTime project, which I have been curating since 2009.
Location: New York
Session Description:
My presentation will address visual metaphors of time and their connection to present-day pictorial and verbal messages and advertising practices that uncover, stimulate and enforce our desires and influence everyday models of life. I will relate my experience of living under radically different socio-economic structures with different pictorial representations of the future – and argue that the common cultural preoccupation with narrowing our reality to a straight line going from Past to Future is one of the causes of a dramatic shift in our societies’ relationship to the environment.
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