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SkeptiCamp NYC 2020 Virtual Edition is to take place December 5th, 2020! Registration Opening Soon!

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Bill Chapman

SkeptiCamp NYC Profile

Biography: BSCS Caltech 1983
Most of 1983-2005 Writing EDA CAD software in Silicon Valley
1993 teaching computer programming at a university in Cebu, Philippines
2005-2008 Computer programmer handling mortgage bonds, dealing with mortgage meltdown
2005-2019 Computer programmer for Wall Street
2016-2019 Reading everything I can get my hands on about climate change
Location: NYC
Proposed Session Title: Another Year of Fighting the Climate Wars
Session Description:
I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about climate change since 2016, and have been very active in environmental organizations, including one that I founded. As of December 7, I will have made two trips to DC to lobby congresspeople on the climate change issue.

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