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Bill Chapman

SkeptiCamp NYC Profile

Biography: Born in US, grew up in Germany, Australia
College at UC Santa Barbara and Caltech
Most of career designing CAD for the design of computer chips in Silicon Valley
Doing software for Wall Street since 2005
Registered Democrat since 2002, though most people don't know that from my Facebook posts. I have never been a liberal.
Location: (Not Provided)
Proposed Session Title: Sins of the Eco-Left
Session Description:
Last year I gave a talk discussing several of the most popular arguments put forward by global warming doubters, and why they're wrong.
Mitigating climate change will be difficult, and can't be achieved without bipartisan support.
The environmental movement is currently dominated by the extreme political left. They are hostile to the idea of harnessing market forces in their solutions, which inevitably involve large expansion of the government and micromanagement of the economy, which makes the conservatives skeptical of the sincerity of their scientific conclusions.
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