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Brian Bagzis

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Biography: I work in construction management for my day job, but I have a degree in history and maintain an active interest in the humanities & social sciences. I'm the organizer for the Philadelphia chapter of Skeptics in the Pub, as well as being the founder & organizer of a nonpartisan political discussion group, Philadelphia Political Agnostics.
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Proposed Session Title: A Rational Alternative to the "New World Order"
Session Description:
In this talk, I'll introduce a concept from the field of international relations - the "liberal international order" - as a more rational & sophisticated counterpart to the oft-debunked "New World Order" conspiracy theories. We'll consider 2 questions:
(1) What can publicly available documents, email leaks & social network analysis tell us about the control that organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Bohemian Club, and the Trilateral Commission have over the Liberal International Order?
(2) Does international relations research suggest that the components of the Liberal International Order (i.e. democracy promotion, trade deals, military alliances, international law) promote peace & prosperity or does it suggest that it leads to wars & economic exploitation?
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