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Brian Bagzis

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Biography: I work in construction management for my day job, but I have a degree in history and maintain an active interest in the humanities & social sciences. I'm the organizer for the Philadelphia chapter of Skeptics in the Pub, as well as being the founder & organizer of a nonpartisan political discussion group, Philadelphia Political Agnostics.
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Proposed Session Title: Technological Progress: Singularity or Stagnation?
Session Description:
This talk will cover the basics of how economists & technology experts try to measure & predict technological progress. We'll explore two opposing predictions: (1) the "technological singularity hypothesis" - i.e. the idea that we're on the cusp of a technological revolution that could dwarf the Industrial Revolution and either transform humans into gods or make us obsolete, and (2) the "technological stagnation hypothesis" - i.e. the idea that innovation outside of the I.T. industry has slowed remarkably since the mid 1970s, suggesting the near future won't be too different from today. If we have time, I may discuss some intermediate scenarios.
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