SkeptiCamp NYC 2023 - Share the Apple of Knowledge   December 2nd, 2023
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Russ Dobler

SkeptiCamp NYC Profile

Biography: President of the New York City Skeptics and Science Editor for entertainment website AIPT, where I solicit and publish content on the science of superheroes and other pop culture, with an emphasis on skepticism and critical thinking
Location: (Not Provided)
Attendance Platform: In Person
Proposed Session Title: What does Bigfoot SOUND like? Science vs. observation
Session Description:
What if someone asked you to yell like a Sasquatch -- and then judged you on the accuracy? How do you best simulate the vocalization of something that probably doesn't exist? Do you go for what our closest furry relatives sound like, or what Bigfoot hunters claim to hear?

I traveled to the "Sasquatch Calling Festival" in Whitehall, New York, to see how they determine their annual winner, and the whole experience was a scream.
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