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SkeptiCamp NYC 2020 Virtual Edition is to take place December 5th, 2020! Registration Opening Soon!

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Russ Dobler

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Biography: Science editor for the website AiPT! Comics, soliciting and publishing content on the science of superheroes and other pop culture, with an emphasis on skepticism and critical thinking. That sounds like more of a buzzkill than it actually is -- we live by one rule; "Don't kill the fun!"
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Proposed Session Title: The End of Ufology? The Information Age Is the Best and Worst Thing for Believers
Session Description:
Now that everyone always has a powerful digital camera within reach, and official surveillance creeps closer to Orwellian inevitability, shouldn’t we have … I don’t know … found some conclusive evidence of UFOs by now? Or at least admitted that the lack of anything conclusive tells us all we need to know?

I posed these questions and more to some of the last remaining old guard of serious UFO study for their analysis on whether the end of ufology, one way or another, is finally in sight.
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