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John Kirbow

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Biography: Here is a link to my work and bio:

Short version here:

John Kirbow is a writer, polyglot language lover and veteran of the US Army Special Operations community and Defense Department, with time in Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Europe, and US Central Command (CENTCOM). A self-described "Social Science Warrior (SSW), he is the founder of Reason Revival (, a movement for bringing science, reason and compassion into politics and sensitive social issues. He also focuses heavily on ways that people in the West can support secular dissidents, women's movements and liberal-minded Muslims across Islamic societies, with an ongoing initiative for bringing various voices, skills and ideas together. He is finishing books on both projects.

I'm a writer and an author working on several books, on a coast to coast political movement to bring people together in conversation across ideology and demography.

My discussions over the years with diverse groups on these topics have been very encouraging.

I am a Student Veteran at Fordham, and am collaborating with faculty at CUNY as well, specifically on building a much bigger bridge between returning veterans and academia, as well as veterans and the science / skepticism community.

I'm the founder of the Reason Revival movement and currently working to help build "discussion incubators" across NYC Universities, to bring conservatives and liberals together in more civil and productive forms of dialogue and discussion.

I am in frequent contact and dialogue with NYC academia and media figures as well as the science and skepticism community

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Very respectfully,

John A Kirbow

"Per Aspera, Ad Astra",

“Through hardship, to the Stars!”

Founder, Behavioral Terrain and Reason Revival
Former GS-13 and Special Operations NCO, US Army (OIF / OEF)

Project Founder and Director:
The Red Hook Empowerment Network
Project Fort Defiance for Veterans

M: (347) 738-3245
Location: New York City
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