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Brian Bagzis

SkeptiCamp NYC Profile

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Biography: I studied history & philosophy in college, and now work as a construction cost estimator. I'm an avid reader in the humanities & social sciences, and I'm currently the organizer for 2 meetups in Philadelphia - the local chapter of "Skeptics in the Pub" and "Philly Political Agnostics", which is a non-partisan forum for civil discussion on political issues.
Session Title:
Should Skeptics Defer To The Economic Consensus?
Session Description: I'll start the session by reviewing some of the debates within the skeptic & rationalist online communities over whether laypeople should defer to the expert consensus in general. Then I'll shift to discussing polls that reveal the expert consensus in economics, and argue that these may form a good basis for injecting some rationality into the skeptic community's perennial debates between libertarians, center-left liberals, and socialists.

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