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Richard Schloss

SkeptiCamp NYC Profile

Location: East Northport, New York
Biography: Richard is a psychiatrist with a full-time private practice in Huntington, Long Island, NY. He has been an active participant in the skeptical community for over ten years, and currently maintains memberships in New York City Skeptics, CFI-LI, Long Island Humanists chapter of American Humanist Association, and Long Island Atheists chapter of American Atheists.
Session Title:
I've Been Dying to Tell You: The Neurobiology of Near Death Experiences
Session Description: Near Death Experiences (NDEs) have been the subject of speculation as to their true nature. The religious often hold them up as "proof" of an afterlife. But why do some on the brink of death have them, while many others do not? A number of plausible neurological explanations have been suggested, but these too remain controversial.

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