SkeptiCamp NYC 2023 - Share the Apple of Knowledge   December 2nd, 2023
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Mitchell Lampert

SkeptiCamp NYC Profile

Biography: I am the founder of the New York City edition of SkeptiCamp, and have been a regular member of the New York City Skeptics for many years. By day I am a software developer for a major financial institution. By night I practice convincing people that they are wrong about stuff.
Location: Westchester County
Attendance Platform: In Person
Proposed Session Title: What would Intelligently Designed Life Actually Look Like?
Session Description:
Those who do not accept the very idea that one lifeform can evolve into a completely different one, would like to think all life on Earth was the product of an Intelligent Designer. They claim to have evidence in the form of "complexity" and "information", even though there is really no reason those sort of things can't emerge over time, from natural causes. And, yet, there are those hallmarks of design we do NOT see in life forms: Replaceable parts, tooling marks, maker labels, etc. So, if one were to Design a life form, what would it actually look like, and how would it compare to evolved life forms we are accustomed to? And, most importantly of all, how can we find a way to bring LEGO pieces into this conversation?

(And no, Mitchell will NOT be discussing his crackpot ideas for how the mind works, during this talk.)
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