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Mitchell Lampert

SkeptiCamp NYC Profile

Biography: I am the founder of the New York City edition of SkeptiCamp, and have been a regular member of the New York City Skeptics for many years. By day I am a software developer for a major financial institution. By night I practice convincing people that they are wrong about stuff.
Location: Westchester County
Proposed Session Title: Ideological Purity: The Destroyer of Worlds!
Session Description:

It seems all types of communities are subject to fissions and bouts of self-destruction, every now and then. And, not just religious or political groups: Skepticism is no exception! And, problems seem to start whenever there is a call for "more purity". (Would you believe even volunteer organizations helping with hurricane recovery are also subject to these issues?) I intend to show how this happened even amongst critical thinkers who claim to fight against such things.

Right now some skeptical groups are asking questions such as "Should we become more politically active?" and "Shouldn't we align ourselves more with Atheism activism?" I hope to use the Threat of Ideological Purity to show that the answer should be "NO", at least most of the time.

(NOTE: Mitchell will NOT be discussing his crackpot ideas for how the mind works, during this conference.)

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