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Mitchell Lampert

SkeptiCamp NYC Profile

Biography: I am the founder of the New York City edition of SkeptiCamp, and have been a regular member of the New York City Skeptics for many years. By day I am a software developer for a major financial institution. By night I practice convincing people that they are wrong about stuff.
Location: Westchester County
Proposed Session Title: Skilled Persuasion Can Change Stubborn Minds: Change My Mind!
Session Description:
For this exercise, I will take on the role of someone who is hopelessly optimistic about encouraging people with deep-rooted pseudo-scientific ideas, to appreciate what actual, factual science has to say on various subject matters, instead. Your job is to show me that I am just as crazy as the people I am trying to convince away from their crazy ideas. This might not require too much acting, on my part, though I am no seasoned expert. I will try to utilize some of what I have learned about How People Learn, to defend myself. It should be fun! (This is actually a bit of a follow up to my SpeedyCamp presentation. But, if you didn't see that, don't worry: You didn't miss much.)
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