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Thanks, everyone, for making our first Virtual Edition a success!

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Russ Dobler

SkeptiCamp NYC Profile

Biography: President of the New York City Skeptics and Science Editor for entertainment website AIPT, where I solicit and publish content on the science of superheroes and other pop culture, with an emphasis on skepticism and critical thinking
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Proposed Session Title: The Real Secret of the Skinwalker Ranch - Laughable Research Methodology
Session Description:
As the story goes, Utah's 512-acre Skinwalker Ranch has been a hotbed of bizarre occurrences for 50 years -- from UFOs to cattle mutilations to Bigfoot emerging through a dimensional portal. This summer's "Secret of the Skinwalker Ranch" series on History Channel, sadly, captured nothing exciting, but did show how the "sciencey" cast completely botched an investigation. Having worked in underground detection for 13 years, I'll run down just how ridiculous their (mis)use of ground penetrating radar (GPR) really was.
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