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Thanks, everyone, for making our first Virtual Edition a success!

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Olga Ast

SkeptiCamp NYC Profile

Biography: Olga Ast is an interdisciplinary artist, curator and independent scholar. Ast has exhibited and lectured internationally and published several books including Infinite Instances: Studies & Images of Time, a collection of academic and scientific papers and artworks by contributors to the ArcheTime project, which Ast has been curating since 2009.
Location: New York
Proposed Session Title: Tomorrow, Yesterday
Session Description:
I would like to show a small collection of Soviet representations of the future mainly from the Space Race era, focusing on 1960’s and 1970’s science fiction, utopian literature and futuristic publications popular during that time, and compare it to a few American futuristic depictions of the period. I plan to concentrate mostly on visual representations as opposed to literary or narrative descriptions, predictions and forecasts.
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