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Thanks, everyone, for making our first Virtual Edition a success!

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Brian Kerby

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Biography: I work for Dedham TV in Dedham MA, and produce and host the show 502 Conversations.The show truly is a conversation, and guests have much time to expand on their thoughts. 502 Conversations episodes have been about belief, why and how we believe, pseudoscience, medical quackery and more.
I have interviewed Dr. Howard Bauchner, Editor in Chief JAMA and the JAMA Network; Dr. Paul Offit (several times);Ray Hyman, James Randi and James Alcock; Julia Sweeney; Richard Saunders; Susan Gerbic; Mark Edward; Michael Mann; Eugenie Scott; Massimo Pigliucci; Natalia Pasternak; Dr. Harriet Hall; Kathleen Dyer and Ray Hall; and more.
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