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Terri Karp

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Biography: Terri Karp has worked in computer and internet technology for many years, including programming mainframe computers in the 1980s, designing and developing multiple software projects for an international corporation, and web site development. Terri, who graduated with honors in economics from Rutgers College, has managed multi-million-dollar projects and led training in the use of software systems she created.
Location: Englewood, NJ
Attendance Platform: Web Conference
Proposed Session Title: Ethics For Digital Minds
Session Description:
Brain-to-computer implants, self-driving cars, and autonomous weapons already exist. How should skeptics view the social challenges expected as technologies advance? Terri Karp has been programming computers professionally for decades, and in this non-technical discussion, she’ll explore the kinds of questions that computer scientists are considering: Can consciousness be duplicated? Does intelligence have boundaries? Could a digital mind suffer?
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