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Robert Palmer

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Biography: Rob Palmer is a retired spacecraft designer who writes for Skeptical Inquirer as The Well-Known Skeptic, and is a member of the Guerrilla Skeptics on Wikipedia (GSoW) team. Rob was the very first speaker at the first ever NYC SpeedyCamp, and has been a speaker at Dragon Con and twice at CSI's annual conference, CSICon, in Las Vegas.
Location: New Jersey
Attendance Platform: Web Conference
Proposed Session Title: Critical Thinking 101: Inoculating Yourself Against False Beliefs
Session Description:
Our brains evolved on the African savannah well enough to allow survival in that unforgiving environment. But our thinking is far from perfect. We are primed to trust the opinions and anecdotes of people we know. We conclude that something is true based on inadequate personal experience, less-than-perfect memory, faulty logic, and a host of cognitive biases. All of this can lead us to believe in things which do not comport with reality, and often results in bad decisions and even harm.

In this talk, Rob Palmer will discuss these topics from a skeptical perspective, because understanding our innate cognitive shortcomings can help us think more rationally, better avoid errors, and live better lives.
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