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JD Sword

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Biography: JD Sword is a member of the Church of Satan who examines mysteries involving claims of the supernatural and diabolical. In this column, he’ll be focusing on historical and contemporary cases of exorcism and demonic possession, the history and practice of superstition, magic, and witchcraft, as well as urban legends and conspiracy theories related to pseudo-Satanism and devil worship. He also writes for the website AIPT Comics where he provides a skeptical analysis of pop culture references to the infernal, and is the host of the podcast ‘The Devil in the Details.’
Location: (Not Provided)
Attendance Platform: Web Conference
Proposed Session Title: D.C. - The Demon Cat of the U.S. Capitol
Session Description:
Imagine you’re a night watchman, patrolling the echoing, empty corridors of the Capitol. You hear something. The meowling of a feral cat. But suddenly, the cat grows to the size of an elephant and pounces at you with a hellish roar! Scary, right? For over a century the myth that a demon cat prowls the halls of the United States Capitol building has fascinated tourists. Where did this myth start, how has it changed over time, and is there a logical explanation?
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