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Mitchell Lampert

SkeptiCamp NYC Profile

Biography: I am the founder of the New York City edition of SkeptiCamp, and have been a regular member of the New York City Skeptics for many years. By day I am a software developer for a major financial institution. By night I practice convincing people that they are wrong about stuff.
Location: Westchester County
Attendance Platform: In Person
Proposed Session Title: William Shakespeare and Other Things You Probably Don't Care About: An Exploration of "True Neutrality"
Session Description:
We are told that a True Skeptic must approach each claim with a neutral stance, and then investigate which way the data actually goes. Sometimes this is hard to do, but with training, it can be done even for the most eye-rolling of silly claims. Sometimes it is quite easy, actually. Barely an inconvenience! Especially when you don't actually care about the topic at hand. Let us discuss the ins and outs of how we tend to think about these sorts of things. (Though, my own crackpot ideas for how the mind works, will NOT be part of it.)
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