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SkeptiCamp NYC 2017 Attendee Directory

These are folks who wish to have their attendance to SkeptiCamp NYC made public! This is an opt-in list. Many choose not to show up here, so it is NOT a complete list of all attendees.

Number of registered attendees for this year: 11

Session Proposals

We have not, yet, approved any of these to be on the schedule, and they are subject to change.

  Attendee Name Session Title Location Previous SkeptiCamp NYC Events
View Bill Chapman Sins of the Eco-Left 0
  Last year I gave a talk discussing several of the most popular arguments put forward by global warming doubters, and why they're wrong.
Mitigating climate change will be difficult, and can't be achieved without bipartisan support.
The environmental movement is currently dominated by the extreme political left. They are hostile to the idea of harnessing market forces in their solutions, which inevitably involve large expansion of the government and micromanagement of the economy, which makes the conservatives skeptical of the sincerity of their scientific conclusions.
View Spiro Condos Zen and the Art of Dental Maintenance Manhattan 6
  Modern Dentistry has many controversies, and faces many of the same challenges as Medicine and Science. Popular media regularly trumpet some new "breakthrough" with far reaching conclusions that are rarely in the actual scientific article they refer to.
Topics to be discussed will include "Flossing; a waste of time?", "Are good teeth becoming a class divider?" And the usual suspects; "Mercury amalgams, Fluoride, Root Canals, are they safe?"
View Chris Everett Bayesian Analysis of Selected Skeptical Maxims New York City 0
  Skeptics often turn to time-honored skeptical maxims such as "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" and "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." Chris Everett examines a few such maxims from a Bayesian perspective to see how well they hold up under scrutiny and how best to use them in practice.

[NOTE: There is a chance that I will be unable to attend due to a professional obligation out of town. I will notify you as soon as I know if this is the case.]
View Tony Saunders Fracture and Resolution: How Artists Hijack Your Brain Brooklyn, New York 7
  We're going to look at some of the mental processes that make looking at visual art so satisfying—or not, depending on how well we can integrate the elements into a coherent whole.

Other Attendees

  Attendee Name Location Previous SkeptiCamp NYC Events
View Brian Bagzis Philadelphia, PA 1
View Mitchell Lampert Westchester County 8

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