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Number of registered attendees for this year: 11

Session Proposals

We have not, yet, approved any of these to be on the schedule, and they are subject to change.

  Attendee Name Session Title Location Previous SkeptiCamp NYC Events
View "Olga Ast" MYTHOLOGY OF THE FUTURE New York 0
  For many years, my artistic action-driven investigation into the nature of Time has focused on exploring our shifting perception of Time from the ancient world to the present day as embodied in changes in its visualization; from the earliest depictions of the flowing river and the circular uroboros, to the linear arrow and the paintings of Dali and Magritte, who depict time with modern metaphors such as clocks and trains.

My presentation seeks to address visual metaphors of time and their connection to present-day pictorial and verbal messages and advertising practices that uncover, stimulate and enforce our desires and influence everyday models of life.

I will relate my experience of living under radically different socio-economic structures with different pictorial representations of the future – and argue that the common cultural preoccupation with narrowing our reality to a straight line going from Past to Future is one of the causes of a dramatic shift in our societies’ relationship to the environment.

Over the last several centuries, we have departed from a traditional cyclical understanding of time and have crafted synthetic lines between a dark past and a bright future; or conversely, between a Golden Age and an Apocalypse. This gradual shift is symbolic not only of our changing perception of the nature of time, but of our attitude toward the natural world. In our artificial environments, we look at nature as a resource – a starting point with the end-goal of an artificial product. Has our shift away from the natural/cyclical and toward the artificial/linear contributed to the rigidity of current socio-economic structures? And does our foray into a digital future take us even further in this direction? Or does it present new possibilities?

Could a different visualization influence our ecological and social behavior? Can artists, scientists and scholars collaborate to bring us closer to an answer to the age-old question of the nature of time, and craft an alternative path for technology and solutions to contemporary social, economic and environmental problems?
View Brian Bagzis A Rational Alternative to the "New World Order" Philadelphia, PA 3
  In this talk, I'll introduce a concept from the field of international relations - the "liberal international order" - as a more rational & sophisticated counterpart to the oft-debunked "New World Order" conspiracy theories. We'll consider 2 questions:
(1) What can publicly available documents, email leaks & social network analysis tell us about the control that organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations & the Bilderberg Group have over the Liberal International Order?
(2) Does international relations research suggest that the Liberal International Order promotes peace, prosperity & happiness or does it cause war, exploitation & misery?
View "Bill Chapman" Another Year of Fighting the Climate Wars NYC 0
  I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about climate change since 2016, and have been very active in environmental organizations, including one that I founded. As of December 7, I will have made two trips to DC to lobby congresspeople on the climate change issue.

My organization:

Other Attendees

  Attendee Name Location Previous SkeptiCamp NYC Events
View Beth Everett Nyc 2
View Chris Everett New York City 3
View Mitchell Lampert Westchester County 10

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