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SkeptiCamp NYC 2020 Attendee Directory

These are folks who wish to have their attendance to SkeptiCamp NYC made public! This is an opt-in list. Many choose not to show up here, so it is NOT a complete list of all attendees.

Number of registered attendees for this year: 21

Session Proposals

We have not, yet, approved any of these to be on the schedule, and they are subject to change.

  Attendee Name Session Title Location Previous SkeptiCamp NYC Events
View "Susan Gerbic" Grief Vampires, Wikipedia and more Salinas, CA 0
  I will discuss recent work with the various Grief Vampires I'm been working on through the pandemic lock-down and tie the activism up with a bow to link with the GSoW project.
View Mitchell Lampert Can VR Really Enhance Education? Westchester County 11
  What, of any practical, effective value does the immersive experience of virtual reality truly bring to the table, in regards to education? Here, we will attempt to separate the hype from the actual reality!

I am speaking as a fan of VR technology, and someone who hopes to see the market for it continue to grow (in annoyance of its doomsayers). However, I happen to like facts even more! If VR cannot truly cut it as an educational tool, we should know that, and can continue using for mere entertainment, anyway.

There is hope, though, that it can excel in helping us experience things in unique ways, that we barely get to appreciate on flat screen monitors. And, perhaps someday, its expense will be low enough to bring that kind of unique boost of understanding to public schools.

Other Attendees

  Attendee Name Location Previous SkeptiCamp NYC Events
View "DanieleCicuzza" Brunei Darussalam 0
View Jay Feldman Parkland, Florida 1
View "Rerisson" São Sebastião de Lagoa de Roça 0

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