SkeptiCamp NYC 2023 - Share the Apple of Knowledge   December 2nd, 2023
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We may or may not have approved any of these to be on the schedule, yet, so they are subject to change. If the actual schedule is available, it will be found here: Schedule Page.

  Attendee Name Session Title Location Platform Previous SkeptiCamp NYC Events
View Spiro Condos A Scientist and an Artist discuss the importance of Narrative in the Visual Arts Manhattan In-Person 9
  We will each show three works of Art; both representational and abstract, and discuss what can be gleaned from each piece. Does it tell a story? Does it evoke a mood? What does the observer’s perspective bring to the meaning of the piece?

Is objective interpretation possible, or even desirable?

Spiro Condos and Tony Saunders will co-present.
View Russ Dobler What does Bigfoot SOUND like? Science vs. observation In-Person 10
  What if someone asked you to yell like a Sasquatch -- and then judged you on the accuracy? How do you best simulate the vocalization of something that probably doesn't exist? Do you go for what our closest furry relatives sound like, or what Bigfoot hunters claim to hear?

I traveled to the "Sasquatch Calling Festival" in Whitehall, New York, to see how they determine their annual winner, and the whole experience was a scream.
View Mitchell Lampert What would Intelligently Designed Life Actually Look Like? Westchester County In-Person 14
  Those who do not accept the very idea that one lifeform can evolve into a completely different one, would like to think all life on Earth was the product of an Intelligent Designer. They claim to have evidence in the form of "complexity" and "information", even though there is really no reason those sort of things can't emerge over time, from natural causes. And, yet, there are those hallmarks of design we do NOT see in life forms: Replaceable parts, tooling marks, maker labels, etc. So, if one were to Design a life form, what would it actually look like, and how would it compare to evolved life forms we are accustomed to? And, most importantly of all, how can we find a way to bring LEGO pieces into this conversation?

(And no, Mitchell will NOT be discussing his crackpot ideas for how the mind works, during this talk.)
View Tony Saunders The Secret Music of — Plants ? Brooklyn In-Person 0
  There are commercial products that claim to take live, electrical resistance signals from plants (and other organic sources) and translate them into "Music." We will show how these signals are taken in and assigned to musical values by the equipment, experiment with different organic sources, and allow for audience members to handle and interact with the system itself. The notion of plant "consciousness" will be discussed. One lucky attendee will go home with the plant "musician!" (but not the presenter...)

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