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We may or may not have approved any of these to be on the schedule, yet, so they are subject to change. If the actual schedule is available, it will be found here: Schedule Page.

  Attendee Name Session Title Location Platform Previous SkeptiCamp NYC Events
View Bill Chapman Outreach to Conservatives on Global Warming In-Person 5
  I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about climate science and zero-carbon energy since 2016. I have been specializing in outreach to conservatives on the issue, who have proved a tough nut to crack. The consensus of most on the left is the climate skeptics are just "paid shills" of the fossil fuel industry, and I outline why I don't think that's quite the case.
View Russ Dobler Mothman is My Boyfriend: The Rise of Cryptidcore In-Person 9
  There's one thing most skeptics and believers can agree on -- crytpids are cool. But now they're also trendy?! Cute caricatures of the Jersey Devil, Nessie, Mothman and more have taken over online craft stores and spurred their own sudden subculture. How did this happen? What does it mean for skeptics and "real" cryptozoologists?

This is a startlingly big topic, but we'll start to scratch the surface here.
View Mitchell Lampert William Shakespeare and Other Things You Probably Don't Care About: An Exploration of "True Neutrality" Westchester County In-Person 13
  We are told that a True Skeptic must approach each claim with a neutral stance, and then investigate which way the data actually goes. Sometimes this is hard to do, but with training, it can be done even for the most eye-rolling of silly claims. Sometimes it is quite easy, actually. Barely an inconvenience! Especially when you don't actually care about the topic at hand. Let us discuss the ins and outs of how we tend to think about these sorts of things. (Though, my own crackpot ideas for how the mind works, will NOT be part of it.)
View benny pollak "Investing?" in Crypto In-Person 0
  Why the whole idea of investing in Crypto makes no sense.
View JD Sword D.C. - The Demon Cat of the U.S. Capitol Webcast 0
  Imagine you’re a night watchman, patrolling the echoing, empty corridors of the Capitol. You hear something. The meowling of a feral cat. But suddenly, the cat grows to the size of an elephant and pounces at you with a hellish roar! Scary, right? For over a century the myth that a demon cat prowls the halls of the United States Capitol building has fascinated tourists. Where did this myth start, how has it changed over time, and is there a logical explanation?

Other Attendees

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Total number of registered attendees for this year: 29

Total In-Person Registrations: 27
Total Webcast Registrations: 2
  Attendee Name Location Platform Previous SkeptiCamp NYC Events
View "Charles P. Lamb" Scotch Plains, NJ Webcast 0
View "Paddy Srini" New York In-Person 0
View "KingCaos" Fort Wayne In-Person 0
View Bill Chapman NYC In-Person 1

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